3x5ft Cadillac Dealer Flag - Outdoor Nylon
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3x5ft Cadillac Dealer Flag - Outdoor Nylon

3x5ft Cadillac Dealer Flag - Outdoor Nylon

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Cadillac is a luxury car brand owned by general motors group of the United States. In 1902 (renyin year), Cadillac was born in Detroit, known as the automobile city of the United States.

Over the past 100 years, Cadillac cars in the industry has created numerous first, created numerous luxury car industry standards; Arguably, the history of Cadillac represents the history of luxury cars in the United States. In Webster's dictionary, Cadillac is defined as a synonym for "the best and most prestigious thing of its kind"; The royal automobile club of London, known for its pursuit of extreme prestige, has dubbed it the "world standard". Combining the essence of a century of history and the wisdom of generations of designers, Cadillac has become a leading brand in the automotive industry.

  • High quality fabric - 100% polyester

  • High quality process - double seam, canvas head with metal grommet

  • Bright colors - strong color, can be washed and not faded.

  • Size selection - mainly 3x5ft/90x150cm

  • Design many - we have tens of thousands of unique designs in our factory.